Thursday, 25 June 2009

We're up 'n running!!

Welcome to Non-League's Newest blog (as of 8pm on the 25/06/09)!! This blog is been moderated and ran by 2 non-league enthusiasts in the North East of England. Our love for the game is huge, and our aim is to show our love for the game by bringing you this up-to-date blog with our own news, views and reviews of all things Non-League.
Our specific focus will be on the Northern League, the second-oldest league in the world! We will venture into other area's of the game, but Northern League is our main focus.
Over the coming weeks, we will be adding various content to the site, with our views on the forthcoming season, and our selection of Pre-Season friendlies we hope to attend.
We hope that you will find our site both informative and entertaining.

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