Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Billingham Synthonia 0 v 3 Dunston UTS 25/08/09

We made our first visit of the season to Central Avenue Stadium, the home of Billigham Synthonia. Tonight they faced tough opposition in Dunston UTS who hadn't had the best of starts to the season losing there opening 3 games whereas Synthonia were unbeaten so far this season. The game started off very brightly and it wasnt long until the first goal came around when a ball was crossed in from the right from a Dunston free kick, a Dunston player managed to flick the ball on to the back post where the initial shot hit the post. However the rebound came back to the same player and this time he put the ball in the net squeezing the ball between the post and the goal keeper to give Dunston a 1-0 lead after only 2 minutes. This set the pace of the game for the rest of the half as both sides were playing good attractive football and both looking to push forward at every opportunity. Synners were looking a bit shakey at the back however and in the 17th minute one of the Billingham defenders played a hospital ball across the top of his own box which was intercepted by the Dunston forward, he managed to beat the only defender but blazed his shot over the bar missing a glorious opportunity to give them a 2-0 lead. Luckily he wasn't to regret that miss as four minutes later in the 21st minute they got their 2-0 lead when a ball was played in from the right, again the Dunston player flicked the ball on hoping that someone would latch onto it. This time though it fell to a Billingham defender who miss timed his header giving the Dunston forward chance to flick the ball over the defenders head and volley the ball past the keeper to his right. Both sides were creating chances but Synners weren't converting those chances into goals and they went even further behind in the 33rd minute due to a piece of brilliance from Lee Bell. A poor throw from the keeper fell straight to him about 35 yards out, he took a touch looked up and saw the keeper was still off his line and lobbed him from about 30 yards just like Reid did for Sunderland against Norwich to give them a 3-0 lead. Dunston now seemed to have the game fully under control and were passing the ball around comfortably. No more real openings came after that and the scoreline stayed the same until half time.
Into the second half and compared to the first half the pace had dropped and both sides couldn't get back into the rhythm of the first. Dunston seemed like they were happy with the 3-0 lead but were still trying to get forward when they had the opportunity. There next chance to extend their lead even further came in the 60th minute when a player cut in from the left and shot across the goal to the keepers left. The ball hit the post and rebounded straight to a Billingham defender who cleared well. After that it was fairly even both sides having fair possesion and it was mainly Synthonia who were creating the chances but they still couldn't force that goal to get them back into the game. It was a game where if chances had being taken it would have being more like a rugby score, however they weren't and the scoreline stayed the same giving Dunston a convincing 3-0 win and their first points of the season.

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